Bookmarks 09/17/2011: on Global Voices launch of the “Netizen Report,” Azmi Bishara and Johann Hari’s apology

  • Global Voices Advocacy launches a series called “The Netizen Report.” It’s a review of everything out there related to the power dynamics between the users (netizens), companies and governments.

  • A little bit over-hyped description of my -probably- favorite Arab intellectual, Azmi Bishara. An interview of him worth reading indeed. Somehow he is an unintended consequence, a happy one, of Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians. He was expelled from Israel and banned from returning to his land and ended living and working as a scholar in Doha, Qatar, from where he has been commenting on the Arab revolutions from day one. Why is this guy not on Twitter?

    UPDATE: Actually he is on Twitter (reportedly): @AzmiBishara (thank you Rachid)

  • One of The Independent’s leading columnists admits to plagiarism and wrongful editing of rivals’ Wikipedia pages. Actually I found it funny and instructive at the same time.

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