Israeli Apartheid Week


The Fifth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week has started across the world this week. It’s taking place in March 1-8, 2009.




The idea first emerged in Toronto in 2005. Last year the event was followed in 25 cities across the globe. This year, the event is arguably more significant since it is taking place in the aftermath of the Gaza massacre (I say aftermath even though people are probably still being killed while you’re reading this).


It’s a unique opportunity to expose and learn about the Apartheid cruel regime of Israel, through lectures, films, speeches, works of art…


Spread the news around and for a detailed information about the events taking place near you, please visit

2 thoughts on “Israeli Apartheid Week

  1. Good, the world need to know the true agenda and nature of Israel. The same group the created apartheid in Africa, created zionism in Israel. The people of Israel are Ashkenazi, the converted to judaism and have no link to Abraham or to Palestine. So christian zionism is a hoax. People of the world need to know the true nature and identity of the people of Israel.

  2. You’re right to expose the fraudulent Zionist narrative. Most of those people have no connection whatsoever with the ethnic Hebrew people. Actually, Palestinians -ethnically- are more close to the historic group that populated the area. The population of historic Palestine has -any way- always cross-married and hybridized, and the whole racist rationale is a complete hoax.

    On the other hand one must always keep in mind that Zionism is not Judaism. The struggle here is not against Judaism or the Jewish people, but against a racist ideology that falsely, claims to represent them.

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