The Whole Apartheid Picture

By Dr. Mustapha Barghouti


The attack on Gaza is only part of a bigger racist scheme that aims at depraving the Palestinians from any hope in the future.

Who best than Dr. Mustapha Barghouti, president and cofounder of the Palestinian National Initiative, to explain that? He gave a conference in October 28th 2007 at the Trinity St. Paul’s United Church, in Toronto in which he explains in clear detail, and with dispassionate objectivity how Israel is implementing ruthlessly and systematically, a pre-programmed plan of segregation, beyond what supremacists in apartheid South-Africa could have ever imagined

Click Here to Watch the Video

And at the root of it all, was of course the Balfour Declaration: check this extra link out. Or this other video, about where does American taxpayer’s money goes. And last, this one: indefatigable campaigners for justice.


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