Pity the Nation

The puppet regime in Beirut -officially led by Mr Seniora but remotely controlled by Mr Saad al-Hariri and his Western mentors-, which now has become a laughing-stock in the whole middle-east, has been forced to back down in the face of a perfectly organized Lebanese resistance led by Hezbollah, but comprising elements from all parts and groups of the Lebanese society.

Here is the account of the valuable correspondent of CounterPunch, Franklin Lamb.

4 thoughts on “Pity the Nation

  1. y allah!
    I bought the book the other day,I just like Robert fisk!

    I don’t think things will ever be good ion Lebanon again after what happened..

  2. Whilst I share your enthusiasm for the book and the man, I refuse to succumb to fatalistic predictions about the future of Lebanon, a country most Arabs hold very dear in their hearts. The country has been a battle field for outsiders for too long and nothing really breaks my heart more than watching Lebanese people turning against each other.

    Please don’t trust those who endorsed the destruction of the country by Israel-America just two summers ago by shutting their mouths up, hoping that Hezbollah would be liquidated and who are now posing as “protectors of democracy and freedom.” I’m talking of course about the self-declared “anti-Syrian camp.” I know a liar when I see one!

    Thanks for the comment

  3. About the situation I lebanon,too many cooks in the same kitchen and everyone fights for the biggest peice of the pie!
    I think I don’t see a chance of a peacefull lebanon this time..
    I hope I’m wrong or exaggerating…

    most welcome;)

  4. I like your analogy there… and i also hope you’re wrong. But hey! all those politicians with their smug and contempt have lost track with the real life… and real life is made up of real people like you and many others… Just take a look at the arab blogosphere (the Lebanese one in particular) and you’ll realize how much potential is there… there is lot of cause for optimism believe me!

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