French Strikes Lead To Sexual Frustration

I’m agnostic about the French strikes and like so many here, I’m starting to become seriously bothered by their affects on our daily lives, regardless of who’s right, and who’s wrong. Fuel is increasingly becoming a scarcity as strikers now blockade the main oil refineries that usually supply the main cities. Something that is starting to have some pretty worrying side effects as marronier, writing on French blogging platform explains:

Since the beginning of the fuel shortage, my girlfriend can’t come see me. She lives in Loire-Atlantique, some 50 kilometers away from here, where refueling is very difficult.

So she can no longer come over. I am therefore obliged to keep my fuel for myself. We do not speak often of this aspect of things. Retirements strike has also led to sex strike. Blocking refineries led to the blocking of sexual relations. No more fuel, no more sex!

The blogger goes on explaining how this may lead to some serious trouble:

If the general discontent is combined with sexual frustration, the strike is likely to become increasingly unpopular. And it could explode. Some hot encounters may occur in the street instead of having them in bed.