Talk Morocco: One Year In Pictures

Talk Morocco stands for freedom of speech and cultural dialog in Morocco. I co-founded it with my friend Jillian C. York one year ago. We launched it in Beirut during the Second Arab Bloggers Summit. Talk Morocco hopes to offer a platform as well as a breathing space for those passionate about free speech, democracy and Human Rights in Morocco.

Talk Morocco is only made possible by the creative work and generous effort of its volunteer authors.
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Freedom for Ali Abdulemam

Ali Abdulemam who runs the forum, a pioneer of the Internet in Bahrain and an advocate of freedom of speech has been arrested by the Bahraini government under the charge of “spreading false news.” The Bahraini government has been waging a massive crackdown on dissent lately. Please spread the news by tweeting, blogging, sharing and posting this banner, and posting on your status on facebook to show solidarity and force Ali’s release.


Following is a roundup of reactions and declarations from different NGOs about Ali’s detention:

Frontline Defenders: “Bahrain: arrest of human rights defender and leading blogger Ali Abdulemam and ten other human rights defenders”. September 6.

Free Detainees: “Bahrain: Ali Abdulemam, blogger and Global Voices contributor arrested”. September 5.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights. September 6.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information. September 6.

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