Bookmarks 09/25/2011

  • A group of armed French citizens travel to the occupied West Bank to “defend the settlements” against the “aggression from the Palestinian occupiers,” as Abbas was presenting the Palestinian bid for UN recognition. Interesting article about a violent Zionist organisation that has been operating in France with quasi impunity, enjoying “good relations with the French authorities.” Take a read.

    tags: settlements israel aljazeera publishtoblog

    • The court process to convict Attal was unusual, according to Dominique Cochain, the lawyer representing one of the victims. “The aggressor wasn’t present in the court, neither was his lawyer, and the judge therefore took it upon himself to interrogate the victim for two hours, trying to make the victim say it was a fight rather than an act of aggression,” essentially playing the role of the defence lawyer, she told Al Jazeera.


  • Must read, from my friend Anas.

    tags: syria anas qtiesh publishtoblog

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