Bookmarks 09/24/2011

  • Robert Fisk’s cri du coeur in face of a “pathetic” Obama, saying it as it should be said. Great read!

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    • After praising the Arab Spring/Summer/ Autumn, whatever   – yet again running through the individual acts of courage of Arab Tunisians   and Egyptians as if he had been behind the Arab Awakening all along, the man   dared to give the Palestinians 10 minutes of his time, slapping them in the   face for daring to demand statehood from the UN. Obama even – and this was   the funniest part of his preposterous address to the UN – suggested that the   Palestinians and Israelis were two equal “parties” to the conflict.


       A Martian listening to this speech would think, as Ms Ashrawi suggested, that   the Palestinians were occupying Israel rather than the other way round. No   mention of Israeli occupation, no mention of refugees, or the right of   return or of the theft of Arab Palestinian land by the Israeli government   against all international law. But plenty of laments for the besieged people   of Israel, rockets fired at their houses, suicide bombs – Palestinian sins,   of course, but no reference to the carnage of Gaza, the massive death toll   of Palestinians – and even the historical persecution of the Jewish people   and the Holocaust.


       That persecution is a fact of history. So is the evil of the Holocaust. But   THE PALESTINIANS DID NOT COMMIT THESE ACTS. It was the Europeans – whose   help in denying Palestinian statehood Obama is now seeking – who committed   this crime of crimes. So we were then back to the “equal parties”,   as if the Israeli occupiers and the occupied Palestinians were on a level   playing ground.

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