Bookmarks 09/05/2011

  • A lire absolument: : “En finir avec le parti de l’ami du roi” — En effet le “RCD marocain” est en train de créer les conditions de rupture entre le regime et le peuple. Il est temps que le regime en prenne conscience “we yjme3 rasso howa we sa7bo!”

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  • The Guardian interviews Andy Carvin, “the man who tweets the revolution.” Andy, a former Global Voices contributor and current National Public Radio’s media strategist, speaks about his coverage of the Arab spring and touches on the debate over anonymity online sparked by Google+ decision not to allow users to use nicknames.

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    • Though he’s careful to clarify that his background is as a writer rather than reporter, the Arab spring allowed Carvin to explore two of his professional passions: social media, and the Middle East. Before joining NPR in 2006, Carvin worked closely with Global Voices, the international grassroots news network, and he was also director of the Digital Divide Network, coordinating an online resource that promoted equal access online.
    • “The reality is that many of my sources would not be alive today if they weren’t working under pseudonyms. They are working under difficult circumstances to get information out.” Though it’s questionable quite how secure these networks are, Carvin says users will leave if they don’t feel in control.
    • Rather than a rumour mill, with some skilful “following” Twitter is a self-correcting debunker of false information.
  • The ties, past and present, between Western intelligence services and political or militant Islamic groups are a well-guarded secret says the author. He points the sensitivity still manifested by the CIA at releasing information on that matter.

    He also alleges Saïd Ramadan (the Swiss-based son-in-law of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and father of Tarek Ramadan) may have worked secretly with the CIA to overthrow Nasser of Egypt.

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    • Despite the CIA’s information blockade, it is clear from interviews with CIA operatives and other countries’ intelligence archives that the CIA was courting groups like the Brotherhood as allies in the US’s global battle against communism.
    • In Egypt, the charge was often made by the government of Gamel Abdel Nasser that the Muslim Brotherhood was in the CIA’s pay. This was also a view of some Western intelligence agencies, which flatly declared that Said Ramadan, the Swiss-based son-in-law of the group’s founder, was a US agent. The agency may have—but for this we need access to its archives—colluded with Ramadan in attempting a coup against Nasser.
  • The Palmer report is a complete disgrace. It’s a UN-certified stamp of approval of Israel’s closure of Gaza. The NYT sifts through the 105-page report.

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  • A recurrent, under-reported theme from Libya.

    HRW has released a statement calling on the NTC to stop the arbitrary arrest of sub-Saharan Africans.

    On a side note I wonder why the Arabist is insisting on calling the revolution in Libya a civil war?

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    • One of the Libyan civil war’s relatively under-reported features has been the rebels’ attacks on dark-skinned people — migrants and Libyan nationals — who were lumped together as “mercenaries”. Considering Libya had hundreds of thousands of foreign works from sub-Saharan Africa (who already experienced much racism in their everyday life), this meant many innocents got attacked because there were a few hundred foreign soldiers recruited by the Qadhafi regime. It also helped the rebel narrative to claim that those defending the regime were foreigners, downplaying the civil war aspect of the conflict (i.e. that not all Libyans were against Qadhafi.)
  • Fascinating pictures revealing the lavish lifestyle of the Gaddafis.

    My favorite: the one with the golden mermaid 🙂

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  • Live from Ars Electronica 2011: Festival for Art, Technology and Society in Linz, Austria, where many friends gathered to talk about the global revolution.

    —@leila_na Hands up for #syria freedom at #square2

    Follow their tweets under #Square2.

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  • Le business gagnant-gagnant de Microsoft en Tunisie à l’époque Ben Ali : un cable decrit “les manoeuvres d’arrière-boutique parfois nécessaires pour finaliser un accord.”

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  • Bahraini government and the art of putting words into people’s mouths: Lies and more lies from #Bahrain’s regime

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  1. All I know is that I’m just so happy that the rebels were victorious in the war. Colonel Qaddafi is finally gone and the Libyan nation is now able to progress to the next chapter in history! Helen Mullis from Zimbabwe

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