FIFA Offers It To the Highest Bidder

The Sunday Times’ report may just have opened a can of worms that is corruption within the mighty and opaquely run, football’s world governing body FIFA. According to, Sunday Times reporters have been told by Ismail Bhamjee, former member of the executive committee, that corruption has been decisive in the attribution of the FIFA 2010 world cup, contested by Morocco and South Africa. The organisation of the tournament was basically granted to the highest bidder:

If Blatter was surprised to hear the suggestion that FIFA is corrupt, he obviously didn’t read the Sunday Times’ report. While the meetings with Adamu and Temarii got all the attention, perhaps the damning part of the report was the dinner conversation reporters had with Botswanan Ismail Bhamjee, whom Adamu replaced on the executive committee after Bhamjee was caught scalping tickets at the 2006 World Cup.

Bhamjee was on the committee in 2004 when it decided by a vote of 14-10 to give the 2010 World Cup to South Africa over Morocco, and he named three committee members who claimed to have been paid cash — he believed the sum was $250,000 — to vote for Morocco. And he then named another colleague — whose name was withheld — who said he was paid $1 million to support Morocco but switched to South Africa when he was offered more money.

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