I miss the Vuvuzella

Today I’m 34. It’s been an unusual day by all means. A friend of mine offered to read into my future using her “Oracle Cards” as she calls them. I learned that I will not live long enough to see Morocco organize a World Cup but maybe long enough to see the country win one at last. That’s a good consolation but I doubt my friend is as good a psychic as octopus Paul proved to be. I shockingly found myself craving to hear some Vuvuzella, which is kind of weird. But I seriously want to hear just one last little blow. Thank God YouTube have not yet removed that little sweet button. Congratulations to Spain for deservingly winning the cup; to South Africa for a successful tournament; to Ghana for making us Africans all very proud. I invited friends over to eat some seafood tonight Γ  la Chilean with some Pisco sour and Concha Y Torro white wine.

34 years man! Hopefully next year I will have moved back to Morocco.

4 thoughts on “I miss the Vuvuzella

  1. Considering the milage,you still got your wits on you,congratulation dear Proffessor,( wach out the years start rolling faster from now on).I have actually bought a vuvuzella,but I couldnt get any sound out of it ,no matter how hard I tried, No wonder Morocco never got to organise the world cup.

  2. Happy Birthday Hisham . I really miss you and I hope to see in Tunisia .

  3. @Mohamed:
    Thank you mate.

    @A moroccan:
    Lucky you friend you had your own Vuvuzella. Be careful though, I heard it’s haram to blow it over 100 decibels… if indeed you are able to get any sound out of it πŸ™‚ But, hey, we Moroccans have our own, much more malign Vuvuzella, the Nafar. It would have scared the s** out of opponents believe me πŸ™‚

    I miss you too my dear!

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