The Blogoma Dream Team for the World Cup

My friend Naoufel Chaara sparked a little storm over the Moroccan blogosphere (Blogoma) this week. He nominated 20 Arabic language blogs and asked fellow bloggers to nominate at least 4 more with the caveat that those nominated should not be publishing on Maktoob, the Yahoo-owned Arabic language blogging platform. There is a long story behind this but mainly it is a response to the claim by an association in Morocco that calls itself “The Moroccan Blogger’s Association” and whose members, for some obscure reason, all publish on Maktoob. Morocco is not participating in the FIFA World Cup that will be starting a couple of hours from now in South Africa. And today, I’m unveiling the composition of the Moroccan blogging dream team for the World Cup. Should those guys have been sent to South Africa I’m pretty sure they would have made Brazil look like a team of geriatric Monty Pythons. So here’s the 3-5-2 formation:

تشكيلة الفريق التدويني المغربي المتأهل لكأس العالم (جواباً على دعوة نوفل)

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