In Morocco, ministers are above the Law

Khalid Naciri is the spokesperson of the Moroccan government and minister of Information. He has come under the spotlight in recent months, having conducted most of the PR work every time his government had to justify the closure of an independent newspaper, the jailing of a journalist or a blogger, constantly referring to the preeminence of the Moroccan law which makes, for example, the king sacred and above criticism. But apparently Naciri now considers himself and his family sacred and above the law as well.

The following video was posted on Youtube, and it shows the minister coming to the rescue of his son, who was arrested by the police then fleeing the scene under the protest of witnesses and passersby.

The incident happened ironically in front of the Moroccan parliament. According to the Moroccan daily Almassae the story happened last Friday night when two men driving along the Avenue Mohammed V in Rabat stopped their cars in front of the Parliament and started a fight. When the police intervened, they had to handcuff and attach the minister’s son to the the parliament’s iron fence. Both offenders were to be conducted in front of a judge when the minister showed up and ranted for his son to be released. The police officer who first resisted the minister’s call eventually complied while witnesses were watching in disbelief.

This isn’t the first incident of its kind. Morocco suffers from an endemic problem of bad governance because the country, despite its apparent openness and aspects of modernity, is governed by a decaying feudal system of governance where those close to power feel entitled to certain rights that ordinary citizens don’t enjoy.

6 thoughts on “In Morocco, ministers are above the Law

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  2. So much ink has been spelt over this incident and rightly so, as this is not an isolated incident we can afford to ignore, we all know that this is a very common practice amongst anyone with a one iota of authority,It is irrelevant to dwell on whether the “honourable” minister has abused his position or not (though there is no smoke without a fire).This incident has exposed what we always knew, and if it is blown out of proportions there should be no surprise because people had enough, and yes they would jump to all sort of conclusions, and yes they would use anyone as a scapegoat to let off the steam. This incident epitomises the regular abuse of power from “Marda” to “minister”, they are all at it. We cant play it down because of the nature of the beast.

  3. I heard much about it. I read much about it. I can tell you that the guy on the video is not Khalid Nacsiri. KHalid Naciri was in Mecca last time. This means he is a Haj. this also means in Arabic ” meta9i Lah w taykhaf Lah. so he can not break the law. so, he is not only a Haj but also a douchebag outlaw. F… him.
    Hicham, your blog educates me. keep the good work man.

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