Morocco: Visa-Vie

“We no longer want an immigration that is inflicted (on us) but an immigration that is chosen, this is the founding principle of the new immigration policy I advocate.”
~ Nicolas Sarkozy

In Memoriam 7

Aicha’s death wouldn’t have attracted much attention -it wouldn’t have caused so much horror and dismay if it couldn’t have been possible, if not to save her life, at least to assist her and ease her pain, and if the Moroccan authorities had delivered on the duties that every reasonable citizen expects from his or her government, and if the French authorities had acted in respect for a Moroccan life. Both authorities have connived in silence and indifference and left Aicha dying in pain and despair. For more than two years French authorities refused to grant Aicha Mokhtari a visa to fly to France and get treatment and dismissed her repeated appeals while the Moroccan authorities looked the other way. What kind of government treats its citizens like this?

Aicha Mokhtari was not asking for a favor from anybody, she was suffering in dignity, struggling against a terrible disease, that eventually took her life. To make sure that Aicha’s death will not be in vain, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) is organizing a campaign[Fr] to denounce French inhumane immigration policies towards Moroccans and to protest against the deadly silence of the Moroccan government. Our lives worth better than a French Visa!

Please feel free to circulate this poster or join AMDH efforts (on Facebook [Fr] and other platforms) to denounce human rights abuses in Morocco.

6 thoughts on “Morocco: Visa-Vie

  1. the true question is why the moroccan health authority can’t offer better health services for moroccan citizens !

  2. I agree 100% Mohamed, and I can tell you that I’ve been personally involved with the Moroccan health system enough to arrive at the conclusion that its disgraceful state stems primarily from the political bankruptcy of the whole political system. A situation reproduced, I believe in most Arab countries. Now, from a French standpoint, one can not stay unmoved by the total disinterest of the French consulate for the fate of this poor lady. If this is not an offence from the French part by failing to come to the rescue of a person in peril, it is at least an insult to a Moroccan life.

  3. On ne comprend pas pourquoi les services consulaires français ne veulent pas admettre leur erreur. C’est que rien qui justifie cette mesure à l’encontre d’une dame dont les souffrances deviennent plus que par le passé insupportables. Une dame qui se meurt à petit feu.

    En dépit de l’intervention de l’intéressée et de sa famille avec force auprès des autorités françaises dont des ministres et le Président Nicholas Sarcozy lui-même, l’erreur n’a pas été corrigée et la délivrance du visa n’a pas été envisagée. Pour ce qui est des autorités marocaines dont le Premier ministre, elles n’ont pas levé le petit doigt pour garantir le droit aux soins à une citoyenne marocaine souffrant d’une maladie fatale et subissant l’injustice des autorités françaises.

  4. I personally think that the biggest blame is on the Moroccan authorities, they could have pressured the French government to accept to take this poor lady and treat her.
    The lady could have also tried to seek help from other countries.
    Last time I checked, France was not the only country that has first class health clinics.
    Many lost opportunities, but we also need not forget that the French have a large part of responsibility in this preventable death.
    Shame on Morocco, Shame on France.

  5. Je vous remercie pour ces commentaires qui viennent du coeur à l’encontre de feue ma soeur .Je sollicite vivement votre solidarité pour démarrer l’action en justice auquelle j’ai chargé un avocat de renom .
    le frere de Aicha MOKHTRAI TEL 00.212.662.30.12.85

  6. Cher monsieur Mokhtari,
    Merci de m’avoir honoré de votre commentaire et de votre visite sur mon modeste weblog. Je puis vous assurer de ma solidarité et sympathie face aux terribles douleurs affligée à votre honorable famille par une bureaucracie sclérosée et aux ordres, une diplomatie française hypocrite et des services consulaires arrogants pour ne pas dire racistes. En mémoire de la défunte Mme Aicha Mokhtari, soyez assuré de ma solidarité et disponibilité pour contribuer à vos efforts courageux et louables.


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