Supporting Global Voices Advocacy


Global Voices Advocacy (AdVox) is a non profit organization that is part of Global Voices Online and that seeks courageously to protect freedom of speech and access to information online thanks to its dedicated network of authors who monitor censorship online and cover the four corners of the globe. Moreover, the organization has been able to provide tools and advise to victims of oppression and restrictions on the web.

As part of Zemanta’s “Blogging for a Cause” campaign to raise funds for an online organization that fights for worthwhile charitable causes -and with less than 24h to go before votings close I’m afraid- I’d like to shout out my support for AdVox and give them my vote.

Latest Update: Vote Counted.

Message received 6 June:

Thanks for blogging for your cause! I’ve added your vote to the official list.

kr, jure

Jure Cuhalev,
Community manager
Zemanta Ltd, London, Ljubljana –

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