Mubarak: the Collaborator

Down With Hosni Mubarak




This Saturday 14, February at 14h30, a march will be organized in Paris from Place Denfert-Rocherot heading for the Egyptian embassy to protest against the criminal actions of European leaders and the unlimited and appalling complicity of the corrupt Egyptian leaders, who all connived to literally asphyxiate the Palestinian people and above all, the resistance.


Some facts about the complicity of the Egyptian regime with the Zionist state of Israel:


o   Beginning may 1st 2008, Egypt has supplied Israel with natural gas in spite of the Egyptian parliament’s protests; the cost being largely undervalued compared with the market’s price: which amounts to an Egyptian public subsidy for Israel. (1)

o   Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, has publicly held the resistance movement Hamas responsible for the Israeli aggression which began in December 27. He never condemned the Israeli barbaric -by all accounts- attacks on Gaza.

o  During three consecutive weeks of utter massacre against the population of Gaza, Mubarak refused to open the passage point of Rafah. Even doctors were refused entry into Gaza to save lives. Only some rare cases of deadly wounded Palestinians were allowed to cross the border and get treatment either in Egypt, other Arab countries or in Europe. (2)

o  Some of the Palestinian wounded hospitalized in Egypt, have complained about being threatened, harassed and blackmailed by Egyptian secret services seeking intelligence about Hamas fighters. Others have been discourteously expelled back into Gaza.(3)

o  During the assault on Gaza, an Egyptian company, International Union of Wholesome Products, has been authorized to supplement (via the Israeli company Channel Foods) food to Israeli soldiers through the passage point of Owja, whilst humanitarian aid for starving Palestinians was blocked in Rafah. (4)

o  The passage point of Rafah is now completely sealed off, under direct orders from Mubarak; subsequently, medical and food supplies are presently rotting in Al Arish. (5)

o  Hundreds of opponents of the Egyptian dictatorship, several protesters or bloggers who supported their brothers and sisters in Gaza have been kidnapped, tortured by Egyptian National Security agents.


 Last Friday, February 6, the young German-Egyptian blogger, journalist and activist, Philip Rizk, has been kidnapped by National Security agents during a peaceful march in support for the Palestinian cause. (6) And the young blogger, Mohamed Adel, arrested November 20 is still languishing in prison. Egyptian authorities renewing every fifteen days his illegal incarceration. (7) And whilst I was writing this post I learned (thanks to Micheline) that yet another Egyptian blogger has been arrested, Ahmed Dooma, for, believe it or not, having succeded in infiltrating into Gaza. ( 8 )


Please, do join the march if you can. If not at least make this appeal heard by those who might be interested, so that there will be  lots of us:


Samedi 14 février, Paris à 14h30, à partir de Place Denfert-Rochereau (RER B/

Denfert-Rochereau), en direction de l’ambassade d’Egypte.


You’re also invited to sign the petition to free Philip Rizk and stop torture and extrajudicial arrests. It’s here:


Petition to Free Philip Rizk


Don’t hesitate to mail the Egyptian embassy near you to express the indignation in the face of abuses of human rights and the continued and shameful collaboration with the Israeli occupiers of Palestine.


In France, wright to:

Ambassade d’Egypte en France

56, avenue d’Iéna – 75116 Paris

mail :


innocentinnocentinnocentSome links to donate to the Palestinians who are still in bad need for help. Cameras may have turned their attention away, toward the Israeli ALL FAR RIGHT, ALL PRO FASCIST elections, but the homeless, the orphans, the wounded, the starving people of Gaza shouldn’t be forgotten. Donate urgently:


Association des Palestiniens en France AL JALIYA

Maison des Associations du 13eme

11 rue Caillaux 75013 Paris – Boite no 101


Also donate to the Humanitarian Convoy Lifeline to Gaza who’s setting off from London next Saturday, crossing though Europe, then north Africa, before arriving at the Rafah border crossing, where it hopefully will deliver mostly symbolic aid but which certainly will help maintain the media focus on the catastrophe in Gaza. They need clothes, cash and/or shoe boxes full of toys and gadgets for the children of Gaza. If you’re from or in a francophone country, please spread this around.




Main Source: ISM FRANCE

Special Thanks to Micheline & Mireille (ISM France) for their Support.










Image Courtesy of “Zoriah.”   

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