Take Your Pick

It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.

~Albert Camus 



It is disturbing to browse through Israeli press those days and realize how much support the Israeli public provides for its political leaders, who are basically war criminals. The sense is, –-as Jamie, the Heathlander explains— the votes go for the one most prepared to literally kill the more Palestinians possible. Israel is a nation that has chosen militaristic nationalism over peace, because it was never prepared to pay the price for it. But as Desmond Tutu rightly puts it, there will always be an inescapable price that the Israelis will have to pay. Some indicators point at the fact that the Israeli society is already paying the price.


One fifth of Israeli civilian prisoners are arrested on charges of domestic violence according to a report commissioned by the Israeli parliament (the Knesset). The trend is generally on the rise with more and more “ of teenage girls seeking help on matters of domestic violence,” according to a recent article by Ynet (Yedioth Ahoronot—2005). Morover approximately 200,000 Israeli women are battered each year, according to the Israel Women’s Network. More figures show that indeed there are, on an annual basis, far more deadly victims of domestic violence in Israel (114 victims from 2002 until 2006)than there are victims of Palestinian rockets for example.

So the general sense is that of a degenerating society that unless it radically changes its choices, runs the risk of literally imploding. 

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