Mubarak: Isreal’s Subcontractor

“I say to the young, the workers, the peasants, the intellectuals and the middle classes: I will stand by your side and support your causes and ambitions,” Husni Mubarak  


philip-rizk-kidnappedIt was well known that the Mubarak regime is one of the most corrupt and inept in the world; a mafia-like organization that is more and more dedicated to play the role of U.S./Israel subcontractor for completing the sealing off of the concentration camp called Gaza on the one hand, and to muzzle the Egyptian people on the other. It doesn’t shy away from kidnapping its own citizens, even when they are peacefully marching in completely nonviolent protest with foreigners against its policies and that of its Zionist ally, as Sarah Carr, explains in an excellent detailed post, the story of the police harrassment of the marchers and the subsequent abduction of Philip Rizq, a German-Egyptian journalist and activist. (read this too).


Many similar cases have occurred around the Arab world, and Philip’s case is certainly not peculiar, but the inspirational position Egypt holds in Arab peoples’ heart and minds suggests that, from a strategic point of view at least, the big chunk of pressure and attention should be put on Mubarak’s regime.


Please go and read Sarah’s post; make as much noise as possible around Philip’s case, and make sure he doesn’t join the long list of disappeared.

Visit the Facebook group set up by Rizk’s family and friends.

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