“I really don’t want to be your enemy Mr. President, you Americans have nice movies, nice burger, nice coke, we can easily love you, but you don’t give us any space. Arming Israelis to shower us with phosphorus peace, burning us with DIME peace, destroying our schools with cluster peace and peacefully making me an orphan… and now I am threatened to lose the last person left in my family, that doesn’t make you a biased mediator or a strong ally to the enemy Mr. President, that makes you THE ENEMY.”


Excerpts from a letter I’ve come across thanks to Zeinobia’s blog, supposedly from a seven years old Palestinian child from Gaza to the American president. It pumped up in the official Obama-Biden campaign website, the community section thanks to Nawara Nagm and it seems to have attracted much attention.


It’s limpid, straightforward, uncompromising, clever, often sarcastic, certainly not puerile. The first image that came up to my mind while reading the letter is that of Handala, the Naji al-Ali’s ragged clothed, back turned Palestinian boy, clasping his hands behind his back in rejection and exasperation.


Please read the letter and spread it around.

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