Gaza Appeal

A British MP to Lead a Humanitarian Convoy from Britain to Gaza.



Following a march held Friday in Dundee, Scotland, against Israeli war crimes, and which gathered thousands of justice proponents, the respect party member of the British Parliament, and indefatigable justice activist, Mr. George Galloway, announced that he intended to lead an aid convoy to Gaza very soon; probably in early February.


Mr. Galloway says:


“People all over the world have taken to the streets in protest at this barbaric assault on a people whose only crime is that they continue to exist.


The Palestinians lack everything from pyjamas to laptops and anything practical that people want to give, we’ll transport it there.”


The MP added that the convoy would be setting out from Edinburgh and then through France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt before trying to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing.


Earlier in the week, Mr. Galloway gave a powerful speech in the House of Commons, denouncing the British government’s sickening double standards. You can hear the speech by watching the video here. (also worth watching is the poignant speech in the same house of Gerald Koffman, himself a Jew, son of Holocaust survivors, brought up as a Zionist but who rapidly discovered the ugly face of that ideology, and who is today accusing Israel of Nazi like behaviour.)

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