Last Man Standing

“One man with courage makes a majority.” Andrew Jackson

Who said that all Jews are Zionists?

Who said that all Americans are brainwashed?
Who said that America has lost its soul completely?
Who pretends that no one American today dares criticizing Israel‘s crimes?

Judaism IS NOT Zionism…
Israel doesn’t represent all Jews…
the Holocaust industry is a monumental fraudulous scheme (apart from the monumental crime itself) that serves justifying the unjustifiable and…

Norman G. Finkelstein is the living proof of the exception that, sadly, confirms the rule of a majority indeed opposing his clairvoyant and justice loving approach.

American Radical: A documentary coming soon in a theater near you, unless the hideous and insidious pro-Zionist censure decides otherwise.

Go and watch the trailer NOW!

3 thoughts on “Last Man Standing

  1. ” Holocaust industry ” ????
    You should visit what remained from camps here in Germany and i am very sure you will spend some sleepless nights as a result of knowing what happened to the Jews.

  2. Five million Jews have been executed by the Nazi regime. Never before in human history has ever been such a horrible crime, committed in such an industrial scale, with such calculated and vicious cruelty. This is as much a Jewish as it is a human tragedy. But what you don’t seem to understand “Anonymous”, is that it is one thing to recognize and condemn this crime, quite another to use such a tragedy to justify the unjustifiable… got it?

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