Moroccan Extraordinary Renditions

The British high court has Friday, given David Miliband, the foreign secretary, a week to disclose documents related to the detention in 2004 (abduction shall we say) of a British resident, Binyam Mohamed currently detained at Guantánamo Bay.

As reported by the and according to Mohamed’s team of defense, the man “was detained in Pakistan in 2002 and secretly rendered to Morocco, where he claims he was tortured by having his penis cut with a razor blade. He was also detained and interrogated in Afghanistan before being taken to Guantánamo Bay in 2004, where he is awaiting trial.”

The anti-torture organization Reprieve, deplored the British government’s reluctance to communicate documents which may prove Binyam’s innocence and/or maltreatment. The head of the Organization declared that “The British government effectively says that a British resident’s right to a fair trial is less important than avoiding embarrassing the Bush Administration, and we’ll just gloss over the fact that he was tortured. But British national security cannot ever be enhanced by torture. To borrow from President Bill Clinton’s speech two days ago – the world is more impressed by the power of our example, than the example of America abusing its power. To suggest otherwise is, surely, Britain going back to the role of poodle.”

And how on earth shall I describe the despicable attitude of my own government? I’m speechless and abhorred by the Moroccan authorities’ attitude, abasing themselves into a vulgar executor of America’s dirty business. How is that for democracy and human rights which the regime is glossing over ad-nauseum?

6 thoughts on “Moroccan Extraordinary Renditions

  1. It s a little hard for a french guy like me to understand your blog because c’est en anglais….ou en arabe…
    En direct depuis la salle des internes du A!!

  2. Je vois que tu te debrouilles pas mal en Anglais… Tu caches bien ton jeu!

    C’est peut être en Anglais mais tu es le bienvenu pour commenter quand tu veux!

    Merci pour la visite… Maintenant je pense qu’il y a un GDS qui t’attends en C.

  3. Hi Hisham,

    It was good to hear you again on BBC WHYS.
    It was another coincidence that we met again on the BBC.
    If you still remember we met before when there was a debate on monarchy in Morocco and another debate on Nichane magazine.
    Yesterday’s debate was about feeling safe after 9/11. As you know Morocco needs to be safe from Islamist extremists and from the consequences of existing poverty due to huge class disparities that generate anger and despair.


  4. I was delighted to hear you too Abdelilah. Well we surely aren’t safer… You know I like to make the analogy of the current situation with that of an acrobat, trying to convince himself and his public that he can walk his way safely, without falling, without loosing control, with a heavy elephant on his shoulders. The question in these circumstances is not IF he can handle it, but FOR HOW LONG!

    In other words: as long as root causes of the problem are not dealt with genuinely, the sources of the recruitment of youngsters amongst the frustrated masses are not addressed head on, the elephant is inexorably going to fall upon our heads!

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