Smile for Palestine

Sixty years after the
Nakba the picture in Palestine is depressing, to say the least. But over the last decade or so, we’ve witnessed a dynamic of renaissance and awakening amongst the justice and peace camp, and the breaking down of some important taboos which served so far, helping Israel get away with its crimes against not only the Palestinian people but also against justice and History.

Many signs of hope are appearing. The shield of omerta and intellectual terrorism is cracking. More and more people are speaking out, and the cosy protection offered by the Israel lobby is fading away little by little.

We’re entering a phase of History, I think, which is crucial for the Palestinian struggle. The bulk of Palestinian cause supporters are now much more mature, much more interconnected and experienced. Violence in pursuit of justice has shown its limits and new means with new horizons are emerging. Mustapha Barghouti called this week in an interview with Le Monde Diplomatique, for the revival of a “mass non-violent resistance against Israel.” This is the next (and natural) phase in the liberation struggle against the Zionist state and all it represents. A battle that Israel shall not and can not win.

Other battles are set to be lost by Israel, like the demographic one. Sooner or later, the Arab (indigenous) population of Palestine will surpass the Jewish one, and the picture will become even clearer of a minority oppressing the majority. If some, carefully ignore this reality now, they will soon be unable to deny the obvious: Israel as Apartheid, settlers’ state.

There are many solid grounds for hope.

Well, call me naive. I’d answer by paraphrasing Harold Pinter:
The general thrust these days is: “Oh, come on, it’s all in the past, nobody’s interested any more, it didn’t work, everyone knows what the Americans and Israelis are like, but stop being naive, this is the world, there’s nothing to be done about it and anyway fuck it, who cares?” But let me put it this way-the dead are still looking at us, waiting for us to make justice.
You better keep hope and smile for Palestine!

P.S. : Another cause for smiling: check out the music of these three Palestinian guys. The band is called Le Trio Joubran, and they are really doing some wonderful stuff. They have been touring the US recently.

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