Zionism in Action

A 24/7 Massacre-Courtesy of Aljazeera.

And in the mean time, what do you think Arab leaders might spend their Saturday night working at? Those incompetent, gutless jackasses wouldn’t be able of finding their way out of a paper bag let alone defend the rights of the Palestinians. Arab leaders are guilty of dishonouring their function; guilty of letting us all down.

While the gangster called Mohamed Dahlan (as the ‘AgryArab’ rightly described him) and his protector, Abu Mazen, the puppet president chosen by the Israeli-American cabal to better tear the Palestinian body apart; while those two wait in the safety of the West Bank, their fellow Palestinians are being systematically massacred and executed in the Gaza concentration camp,under the noses of a somnolent ‘international community’ and a biased, complaisant western media.

We are being robbed (We: Arabs). In the same way Sykes and Picot robbed and fragmented the Arab World and manufactured regimes to rule the region and suit the superpowers of the time, in the same way Zionists came from nowhere and stole the Palestinian properties and land, Arab so-called ‘leaders’ today are stealing our hopes, our wealth, our future, our dignity.

Will it one day be possible to erase and rewind: looking back at the failures of the past, and the so-many missed opportunities, easy defeats, miscalculated policies… irrecoverable mistakes, you hope that the opportunity will be given one day to erase the frustrations and former disasters, fix the damage done and restore some of the dignity lost.

Arab leaders must be held to account… they must pay, for this calamity can not carry on forever!

This is what the late Edward Said wrote in a 2001 brilliant article of hes:

When our historians look back to the first 50 years of Israel’s existence, an enormous historical responsibility shall rest damningly on the shoulders of the Arab leaders who have criminally — yes, criminally — allowed this to go on without even the most meagre and half-hearted response. Instead, each of them has fought each of the others, or has relied on the hopelessly self-serving theory that by trying to ingratiate themselves with the American government (even becoming clients of the US) they would assure themselves of longevity in power, regardless of whether Arab interests were being served or not. So deeply ingrained has this notion become that even the Palestinian leadership has subscribed to it […] The average American hasn’t the slightest inkling that there is a narrative of Palestinian suffering and dispossession at least as old as Israel itself. Meanwhile Arab leaders come running to Washington begging for American protection without even understanding that three generations of Americans have been brought up on Israeli propaganda to believe that Arabs are lying terrorists and that it is wrong to do business with them, let alone protect them […]

Since 1948, Arab leaders have never bothered to confront Israeli propaganda in the US. All the immense amounts of Arab money invested in military spending (first on Soviet, then Western arms) have come to nought because Arab efforts have been neither protected by information nor explained by patient, systematic organising. The result is that literally hundred of thousands of lost Arab lives have gone for nothing, nothing at all. The citizens of the world’s only superpower have been led to believe that everything Arabs do and are is wasteful, violent, fanatical and anti-Semitic. Israel is “our” only ally. And so $92 billion in aid since 1967 have gone unquestioningly from the US taxpayer to the Jewish state. As I said earlier, a total absence of planning and thought vis-à-vis the US political and cultural arena is hugely (but not exclusively) to blame for the astounding amount of Arab land and lives lost to Israel (subsidised by the US) since 1948, a major political crime which I hope the Arab leaders one day answer for.

[latest Update: according to The Independent, “An Israeli government minister warned yesterday that increasing rocket fire from Gaza would bring Palestinians a Shoah – the Hebrew word normally used to denote the Nazi Holocaust inflicted on Jews during the Second World War…” … No comment!]

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