Bang on Target

The Political Compass
  • Economic Left (-5.38)
  • Social Libertarian (-6.10)
I’ve been pleased to discover on Ibn Kafka’s blog (Obiter Dicta) that most of the usual progressive bloggers I’ve been meeting there and who submitted themselves to thePolitical Compass Testproposed by the blog’s author, were that close to my own results on the same test (insofar as the test is as accurate and credible as the site claims and that it draws an outline of user’s political leaning.)
Anyways; I would be really pleased to know what the same test’s yield would be if applied to some usual suspects of the kind of Abdelilah, eatbees, Wassim, Jillian and all the others.

6 thoughts on “Bang on Target

  1. Hi Hisham,
    We’re almost identical about political leaning. I get the red spot on the first line of the green part. I will put the picture of my political leaning in my blog for you to see.

  2. Yes! I personally don’t like the old Left/Right classification… but very pleased to share the same Leftie green square with you Wassim

  3. Could there be a cultural explanation? It seems to me as most Moroccan bloggers who have completed this test are safely in the green box…

  4. @Ibn Kafka: I don’t know about a possible “cultural” explanation for this staggering result, but I’d rather think that most of Moroccans who are experiencing and living through the current savage capitalistic system in Morocco must know by now how cruel and inhumane such system might prove to be!
    Thank you for kicking this whole matter off my dear friend!

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