Is There Anybody Alive Out There?

Yes, the Boss is still alive and kicking. I bought Springsteen’s latest album (perfectly titled): “Magic,” which is only just that. Now I hate promoting anything or anyone, but that one Album is worth the publicity, I can tell you; and not just for the astounding songs quality but also for the power of the lyrics.

Wondering whether “there is still anybody alive out there” he only echoes (or at least that’s the way I understood his lyrics… hope I’m not wrong!) my own concern and consternation about the lethargy that appears to have struck America, the UK and all of the Western world. People seem to have lost touch with the reality around them, blidingly trusting their leaders. Also a dreadful apathy seems to have infiltrated the so-far animated and inspired progressive blogosphere… which now sounds deafeningly silent.

The Bushies are preparing another illegal attack against Iran. The second phase of the Great Oil Robbery looks well under way and the world looks like it’s sleep-walking towards, yet another disaster. This one though, may prove to be cataclysmic. More people will be sent to die for other people’s interests. I hope someone is listening… if so: WAKE UP PEOPLE… I wanna hear some RHYTHM!

Here is some More… Rhythm!

Ian Brown- Illegal Attacks- Polydor Ltd. 2007

And More…

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2 thoughts on “Is There Anybody Alive Out There?

  1. Haven’t you heard? The progressive blogosphere bought an island in the Indian Ocean and is busy migrating there in advance of the Iran attack. We will raise sheep, root vegetables, mangoes, and bees.

    You’re welcome to join us of course, but you’d better get packing!!

  2. Am I allowed to bring my own bees provided that you don’t eat them of course?

    Now you got me curious… This can’t be true… or is it?

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