Chatting With the Prince, Part II

Praising Evolution

The advent of the new Monarch in Morocco has raised a lot of hopes in the future; maybe too much. But the dreams and illusions have been terribly dashed after two electoral shams in 2002 and 2007. Many Moroccans (especially the young) may have lost hope in changing the system in an evolutionary way (from the inside, by participating in the political system and by using the institutions available.) This helpless situation may have led some to contemplate or consider a “revolutionary option”…

That was the question I e-mailed to today’s Riz Khan show on Aljazeera which was hosting Prince Hicham (thanks Amine for the tip!):

An enlightened evolution toward democracy is always a safer option than a headstrong revolution stemming from despondency and which often gets out of hand and yields undesirable and unpredictable results. But the danger of not having alternatives and languishing in a continuous state of political, economic, cultural and social sclerosis is to constrain the more desperate and destitute people to extremist solutions. Some may very well consider revolutionary rather than evolutionary options taking the risk of embarking the country on the unknown.

That was in substance the answer of Prince Hicham to which I adhere.

The “Red Prince” as he’s often labeled hinted at the antagonistic relationship he still has with his cousin the King, reiterated his views on the Moroccan monarchy and commented on the latest legislative elections. He answered further viewers’ questions emphasising the need for a fundamental change in the way the power in wielded in Morocco (and beyond… throughout the Arab world.)


(look up for the video here)

5 thoughts on “Chatting With the Prince, Part II

  1. Hi Hisham,

    How long are you going to hold the suspense for the video. Release it or do away with it.

    You know well the Moroccan popular song: صارحني و لا فارقني

    Don’t keep the suspense for too long!


  2. Abdelilah…

    الصراحة و حتى شي حاجة من غير الصراحة… و لكن ما باليد حيلة آ خوية… هادوك خياتي ديال الجزيرة ثقال شوية…

    I’ll be posting it as soon as it is available… But I’d much welcome any tip on how to get hold of it (maybe sooner) since I’ve noticed your sharp knowledge of those “technical” matters.
    anyways, always a pleasure to here from Marrakesh… I hope you’re enjoying a good Ramadan… Of course you are, especially when you live in the one city in the world where Ramadan is a unique experience… I can almost hear the sounds and feel the spirit of the old “red” city in the background.

    By the way -concerning Riz show- I would have loved to see you participating too, but I got a tip about the show less than an hour before the live broadcast and I hastily sent them an e-mail hoping that the usual “suspects” will do the same… the program -I have to say- doesn’t give much room for participants to expose their views or ask questions. It’s not stricto sensu a phone-in program like WHYS.

    Always a pleasure بكل صراحة

  3. Thanks fellows!
    What would have become of world if there was no Amine and no Abdelilah on this planet?

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