Al-Fassi: Capo Di Tutti Capi

It’s been announced today that Abbas al-Fassi, the leader of the Istiqlal party (made up of a bunch of rich and influential businessmen and landowners, close to the palace, who describe themselves as conservatives and ‘nationalists,’ and who came first in last september 7th legislative elections) has been chosen by the King of Morocco to lead the next government.

Al-Fassi and his party are the archetype opportunistic, bootlicking politicians, with no ideological basis whatsoever, apart from the constant obsession they have for power and privilege.

Al-fassi has been a member of the outgoing government where he held a non-portfolio ministerial office. Doing what? who knows? Oh… I beg your pardon, he did achieve something when serving as minister of labor in a previous cabinet (2000-2002): His ministry was involved in a monstrous crooked deal, also known as “the An’najat affair,” when tens of thousands of young poor Moroccan job seekers paid substantial amounts of money (as premium) to a fake company based in the Emirates, which promised to enroll a big number of candidates, many of whom spent their life savings to pay for the job offer. A convention has been signed at the time, with the Emirati company An’najat by the very official ANAPEC (the Moroccan job agency) under the patronage and advocacy of the then ministry of labor, ignoring warnings by many international organizations like the ITF (the International Transport Federation). At first sight, there was no reason for anybody to doubt of the competence of either Al-Fassi or the government. The whole affair was, of course, trumpeted up by al-Fassi and presented as a big personal achievement, which he used as an electoral argument during the legislative campaign of 2002.

A couple of mounts after the elections, the first cruel signs of the fraud appeared; then the 30,000 applicants were bluntly informed of the trickery and told that their dreams were definitely dashed.

So: either al-Fassi has been cheated upon and double-crossed by an impeccably executed swindle, or he knowingly participated in the con. In either accounts he disqualified as a man worth of respect, let alone trust. Has he been held to account for his crime? Nop! Because in Morocco, you only have to be a sycophant and a servile attendant of the Makhzen to escape justice and have access to power and privilege.

Today’s dispatch of the MAP (the Moroccan official press agency) explained that “King Mohamed VI praised Mr. al-Fassi for his ‘patriotism’ and for his ‘commitment to the sacred values,’ describing him as a ‘statesman with great experience.'”

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry?

(picture credit: “Rightee“)

4 thoughts on “Al-Fassi: Capo Di Tutti Capi

  1. Close your eyes, my dear, and wish that in the five years to come Moroccans will realize the con played upon their lives, that they will get rid of their idiotic chauvinistic sensitivities.
    63% of abstention is a call for hope: 63% refused to be bribed and bought out by the vote dealers; this is a very encouraging sign… something has shifted hopefully in the minds of people who seem more aware of the perverse nature of the political system they have to live under.
    For the monarchy, to preserve itself, it should realize that the time has come for a strategic opening up of the system. It should serve the Moroccans rather than the other way around!
    Meanwhile, enjoy your life, be happy… your conscience is clear!

  2. Well, I’m not sure whether Abbas is a capo – he’s a lowly errand boy in my opinion, chosen for his sycophancy an obsequiosity. As for the 63% abstention rate, we simply do not know whether they protested against the Royal supremacy (I don’t think they did), the corrupt politicians (I think they did just that) or a combination of both. To think that 63% of Morocco’s voter are clamoring for constitutional reform is, I think, a severe delusion, unfortunately.

  3. al-Fassi is a Capo within the “Makhzano-Khobzists” world. He has succeeded in reaching what the kind of opportunists and rascals like him want: being as close as possible to the makhzen to better serve his personal (and friend’s) interests. He knows he’s a sycophant… and you know what? (I’m sure a wise connoisseur like you IK, knows it) he couldn’t care less.
    As for the reading of the abstention rates (because I believe there is something to read behind the 63% figure): of course there is a consensus around the royal institution, but people who refused to vote despite the unprecedented campaign, rejected the whole system and -as I previously wrote- refused to be bought out by vote dealers…
    I must agree that we are still very far from making of the constitutional reform, the main and central political issue in the country. Many people are still oblivious to that. It’s a shame, really, cause it ought to be central. The illness will never be cured unless the cause is clearly identified: the constitutional farce in this case.
    I’m honoured by your visit my friend… don’t make it your last!

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