Wonder Why Muslims are Getting Radicalized

Not a single mainstream western paper commemorated the massacre of Sabra and Shatilla, today. As Robert Fisk, the doyen of foreign correspondents in the Middle East and probably one of the latest honest western reporters still around, wrote this morning (and I’m paraphrasing): if 3700 Israelis were slaughtered in the same way as the Palestinians were in Sabra and Shatilla, we would probably had the story in the front-page of every single newspaper, displayed round-the-clock on major news outlets and commemorated at the official level in the smuggest and most solemn way. Not that the commemoration of a hypothetical mass killing of Israelis wouldn’t have deserved compassion and empathy, because the murder of any human being is an awful crime that everyone should condemn, but the point is that the lives of Muslims and Arabs are considered of less worth. No wonder why people are getting radicalized!

I strongly recommend this very emotional article by Franklin Lamb. An American who lived in Lebanon long enough to be a first hand connoisseur of the country, having gone through and reported extensively on the many dark hours that Lebanon has experienced.

(The clip bellow contains images that may shock some viewers)

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