Logical Illogicality Number#2

Guilty of Honesty, Integrity and Defiance to the British Establishment, George Galloway Got Expelled From the House of C(omm)ons.

The Pro-Zionist, unelected “Commons [double-]standards and privileges committee” suspended the Respect member of Parliament for having brought (as they put it) the House into “DISREPUTE.”
His crime: Political Dissent

He was expelled by a committee composed mainly of pro-war MPs and people who openly described themselves as “friends of Israel”. Thrown out of a House that boasts for being the core institution of the “Mother of All Democracies”

For those who don’t know him yet, George Galloway is the colourful and consistent peace and justice campaigner, the indefatigable and fearless defender of noble causes, great orator and leading anti-war activist.

He stood almost alone in the House against the war on Iraq, while the rest of the British political establishment supported the drive to an illegal and criminal war which caused and still is causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Iraqis; not to mention the millions who lost their homes and hopes, having to leave their land.

So that’s the price you pay when you have the guts to stand against the warmongers and pro-Israel supporters.

Often vilified and described in the mainstream media in Britain as “controversial”, when real controversial war criminals and liars are offered standing ovations and treated like national heroes at the day of their departure.

George Galloway, in the day of his suspension, was interrupted by the speaker, and was denied the opportunity of making his full speech of defence against the allegations of the so-called committee. “At least the United States Senate gave me an uninterrupted hearing,” reacted Galloway referring to his outstanding performance in front of an American senate committee in May 2005.

“It has come to something,” he added “When the leading anti-war MP could get a fairer hearing in the Republican Senate than in the British House of Commons.

“I was thrown out of Parliament this evening just as I had given one example of the double standards that go to the heart of this matter. Anyone watching this would have seen Parliament plunged into disrepute as it absurdly decided – through agreeing my exclusion – that I am not permitted to point to those double standards or to criticise those who have produced this unjust report about me.

“We now have the absurdity in which the House of Commons has convinced itself, or at rather pretends that it has, that 10 MPs sat in a committee room somehow cease to be what they by definition are – highly political people who together constitute a political tribunal.

“The public know that is so; MPs, if they were being honest, know it; it’s only in the chamber of the House of Commons that you are not allowed to say so.

“I had much, much more to say about the report and the overarching question of who it is in this Iraq affair who has brought Parliament into disrepute. Instead, by voting to throw me out, the MPs present this evening chose to conduct a kangaroo court in my absence.

“They may be happy to close their ears to the truth. Most people in Britain – and abroad – are not.

“They will be outraged at this sham in what is supposed to be the highest court of the land.”

Galloway got an overwhelming support from people within the UK and across the World.

Support George Galloway here.

(Pictures respectively by “Fabbio” & “Mickal“)

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