The Psychology of the Thief

The Hypersensitivity of Israel apologists in reaction to the slightest critique on Israel, betrays a process of rejection from consciousness of all painful or disagreeable ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses of guilt with regards to Israel’s behavior and Palestinians rights. That’s called in Psychoanalysis: Repression. An immature defense mechanism, unconsciously used to avoid confrontation with ones responsibilities and/or consciously unacceptable realities.

This psycho pathological process, can make people go as far as to convincing themselves of the fallibility of what their eyes can really see, what their hands can really touch, or what their senses can genuinely feel.

This mindset can make people go even as further as identifying their own fate with that of (not the victims in that matter, but…) the oppressor. Christian Zionists in America today, are more zealous than the most fundamentalist Orthodox Jew. They have a messianic reading of the Bible. They actively support the Israeli occupation. These are not some lunatic religious rednecks; they are wealthy and powerful businessmen and politicians who have learned to discipline their followers and sympathisers, and knew how to make the American political class, listen and execute their pressing demands, no matter how crazy these demands may sound.

Of course there are those who are perfectly conscious of the reality and the legitimacy of the Palestinian cause. But their defense of Israel’s arguments often stems from purely selfish motives. These are perfectly “sound” but highly opportunistic and unscrupulous people, and for anybody who knows the influence and power of the Israel Lobby in America (and more or less in Europe), would understand the kind of motives behind this army of “professional” apologists.

Finally, this is a quotation which I think, sums up the state of self-deception I tried to define above, cited from Pr. Robert Trivers‘ “The Elements of a Scientific Theory of Self-Deception“:
An evolutionary theory of self-deception-the active misrepresentation of reality to the conscious mind-suggests that there may be multiple sources of self-deception in our own species, with important interactions between them. Self-deception (along with internal conflict and fragmentation) may serve to improve deception of others; this may include denial of ongoing deception, self-inflation, ego-biased social theory, false narratives of intention, and a conscious mind that operates via denial and projection to create a self-serving world. Self-deception may also result from internal representations of the voices of significant others, including parents, and may come from internal genetic conflict, the most important for our species arising from differentially imprinted maternal and paternal genes. Selection also favors suppressing negative phenotypic traits.
Finally, a positive form of self-deception may serve to orient the organism favorably toward the future.

Pr. Robert Trivers. Professor of Anthropology, Rutgers University
(Picture by “PaulCalypse“)

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