Nope! Sorry… This Is For Jews Only!

Some western media expressed surprise at the attitude of the Israeli PM, towards some Sudanese refugees who ended in Israel, passing through the Egyptian border. They were probably fleeing the nightmare in which Sudan is today.

I don’t see why people should be remotely shocked by the threatening language of Olmert. These refugees are not Jews; therefore, God didn’t promise them any estate in Palestine. Yes; because in case you didn’t know, God is an estate agent , as far as Israel is concerned.

Now, Israel is the only country in the world where people are given citizenship on the basis of blood kinship: in other words, it’s based on an ideology (Zionism), which considers the right for Jews only to establish themselves in Palestine, from whatever part of the world they came from. Never mind if the place belongs to some pesky Palestinians.

Six million Jews were massacred during the Holocaust at the hand of the Nazis. This is a fact that no one can reasonably challenge, apart from racist and anti-Semite Holocaust deniers. But a crime (the Holocaust) shouldn’t be used to justify another one. Especially when the victims (the Palestinians, the Lebanese…), had nothing to do whatsoever with the slaughter of the Jews in Europe.

The fact that Israel was built on a racist Ideology, didn’t seem to shock anymore in the secular West, where an obscure and irrational feeling of guilt towards the Hebrew State, has for so long inhibited any criticism
of the Israeli policies. Moreover, the practice of intellectual terrorism by lobyists and pro-Israel apologists, who label anybody who dares condemning Zionism for what it really is, a racist ideology, has shunned debate and stifled all forms of critical thinking.

Having said that, many within the Jewish communities worldwide, and especially in Britain and the US, are raising their voices of dissent and dismay towards what they see more and more as, not only a racist and despicable ideology, but also a system that creates hatred against Jews and fuels anti-Semitic bigotry everywhere.

While it is necessary to condemn and combat all forms of racism like anti-Semitism, it is also fundamental to expose Zionism for what it is and for the dangers that it creates for all communities and firstly for Jews.

Zionists claim to represent all Jews: this is a lie that must be constantly challenged. It’s always worth remembering that Not all Jews are Zionists nor are all Zionists Jews; therefore criticizing Zionism is not bigotry nor is it anti-Semitism.

(Photo by freepal)

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