I Didn’t Know They Had an Army!

So one year passed since the last large scale Israeli crime had been committed.
One year during which Lebanon came dangerously close to implosion… again.

Israelis talk about the debacle of the I(D)F. But make no mistake: they are not mourning about the level of civilians killed on both sides, nor do they even discuss the fate of the two Israeli soldiers held by Hezbollah (“kidnapped” as the official version goes) which, according to the indoctrinated media, started all that up. All the fuss is about: how come the Israeli state terror didn’t work this time. The intent was basically to “shock and awe”. Arabs, seem to have learned the lesson. And, that’s terrifying!

And then we rediscovered the refugee “problem”. The institutionalized sectarian state of lebanon, always refused to integrate hundreds of tousands of Palestinian refugees on the premice that Lebanon would be further devided if those impoverished refugees were to be helped, or by pretexting that integrating them would be bad for their own cause if they had to claim any rights on their lands and homes stolen by Israel. Palestinians have been living in refugee camps for at least two generations now, with no access to decent jobs or ordinary citizen’s rights. This time the culprit wasn’t Israel but … the Lebanese government and the Lebanese army. The Lebanese Army? which army?

That also we rediscovered. The Lebanese army didn’t lift a finger when a foreign force was bombing the hell out of it’s own people, last summer!! unbelievable, now they are shelling a refugee camp (a city, rather), where civilians try to survive, often in the most abject conditions. Well, of course there are those psychopaths from Fath al-Islam. Should they be blamed? Sure!
The first time I heard about this group, it was in Seymour Hersh’s piece in the New-Yorker (march ’07). The group -according to the author- was financed by Saad al Hariri, the all mighty plutocrat, and the Saudis, with the blessing of the old good friends, the Americans, in order to later, be able to play them against Hezbollah. If this is true (and there are many evidence to think so), then we’re back to the old evil making doctrine: “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”, which has created so many monsters in the past.

During Last summer’s Israeli criminal aggression, Robert Fisk, the Independent newspaper correspondent asked a Lebanese citizen about his opinion on “the lack of reaction from the ‘international community’.” The man’s answer was:

“Those bastards, will never learn from History”

I agree 100%.

(picture by Digitalgrace)

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