The Dangerous Mutation

The levels of hatred and alienation have, unfortunately reached alarming heights within the Muslim community in Europe.
I want to first make it clear that I condemn… I utterly condemn any kind of violence or threats against civilians, whether in Britain, in the US, in Afghanistan or in Iraq… and no matter what the means of delivery: be it a Jihadist, a cruise missile or an F16.
People who are committed to violence and threats against civilians (call it terrorism), are nut cases… they are psychopaths and murderers.
The British, the Americans and Jewish people are being hated, and wrongly so, not because of what they are (as the western governments claim) but because of what they are perceived of doing.
The solution to this nightmare is clear, as far as I’m concerned and for anybody who wants to see. But it is not acceptable for the extremists on both sides, who decide on war and peace today and who often act as a recruiting tool for each other. They want to lead us all to a clash, not of Civilizations, but to a clash of Barbarisms.
The Western policies in the World (and I mean by western here, mainly US-UK+Israel), dominated by a Neo-imperialistic and Hobbesian vision, where “Might is Right”, have led to the creation of an environment of injustice and rage which has mutated into hatred and wickedness:

  • Acting on the premise that “my enemy’s enemy is my friend,” has created the monsters we have to deal with today.
  • Supporting the despots of the Arab world, on the basis that control over oil resources of the middle east is of a much higher interest than the lives and rights of human beings living in the region, has created the feeling of injustice, oppression and hopelessness
  • Arming and financing the Israeli terror, settlements and occupation has only added even more humiliation and anger
  • Appointing a PR “expert” to “improve America’s image in the Muslim World,” adds only insult to injury

Again, I utterly condemn violence against civilians, but if you don’t understand the causes leading to it, you’re condemned to endlessly repeat it.
As difficult as it is for Westerners to understand the psychology of people committed to violence against civilians, one should understand that Western governments policies over the years, have created such people.
Now, I want to propose a solution (that might sound pretentious, but let’s consider it a modest contribution open to anybody to criticize or support.) It’s three fold:

  1. Troops should be withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan: these invasions were based on lies upon lies. They have led to the killing of hundreds of thousands of people, overwhelmingly innocent civilians, and they serve only as a recruiting tool for extremist groups who flourished after the wars were launched.
  2. US-UK should stop supporting Israel as long as it is not complying with the International consensus on Palestine, rejected by America against virtually the whole rest of the world, for more than thirty years
  3. The Western people should make the interest of the people of the Arab-Muslim World intrinsically linked to its own, and pressure their governments to act in this direction.

Dangerous mutations are occurring, but it is not too late to change our common fate!

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